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Why Join Wetogether.care

Right Knowledge, at the Right Time

As a chronic kidney disease patient or their caregiver, the most important thing for you is receiving authentic information. Our team curates the information that is factual and vetted by experts.

We Enhance Lives Through Education


1 In 10 people estimated to
be suffering from some form of CKD in INDIA.


1,75,000 new cases
of kidney failure are reported in India each year.


4 lakh patients suffer
from chronic kidney disease in India


1 lakh people in INDIA
are get kidney transplant

Lets Care And Support Each Other

Wetogether. care is a patient and caregiver-centric community that encourages sharing of experience and information. We believe that people suffering from the same chronic condition connect easily and learn from each other, ask questions, suggest referrals, and share feelings with other people who personally realize what it’s like to be suffering from that state.


Your buddy in fighting the Chronic Kidney Disease

As a patient or care giver the whole experience can be overwhelming. We are there to guide and support you with factual information and a patient ear.


Share your experience

As a chronic kidney disease patient, you can help others by sharing your experiences. Support one another by sharing your stories, experiences and good practices.


Kidney Transplant Information

Kidney transplant process can be devastating to someone who is unaware about the whole process. Wetogether has created a detailed repository to help you navigate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wetogether.care is a secure support group for chronic kidney disease patients. Our aim is to bring authentic and helpful information for the patient and their caregivers. Our efforts are towards creating awareness, bringing expert information, building a supportive community and helping kidney patients live a happy and fulfilling life.
Currently, wetogether.care covers all aspects related to chronic kidney diseases. You will find articles, videos, recipes, fitness tips, real-life stories, kidney transplant and dialysis related information. We regularly bring expert discussions and virtual events to ensure the best of information is provided to our community members.
The platform is completely secure and the care buddies of wetogether.care moderate members joining the platform. Only a patient, caregiver or experts in the field are allowed to join the platform.+
Yes, community building and community support is a big part of wetogether.care. We encourage members to share their stories, their experiences and journey till date for the community good.

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